Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Marketing is broken Ch01-H8600
Chapter 2: What’s wrong with traditional marketing today? Ch02-H8600
Chapter 3: How buyers buy Ch03-H8600
Chapter 4: Decision-maker ecosystems
Chapter 5: How influence works
Chapter 6: Who are your influencers?
Chapter 7: Identifying and ranking influencers
Chapter 8: Who should evaluate the influencers in your market?
Chapter 9: Marketing to influencers
Chapter 10: Good, bad and ugly influencers
Chapter 11: Marketing through influencers
Chapter 12: Marketing with influencers
Chapter 13: Evaluating influencer marketing
Chapter 14: Influencer marketing and word of mouth
Chapter 15: Social media – the new influence enablers
Chapter 16: Influencing through social media
Chapter 17: Influencing consumers
Chapter 18: Influencers in consumer markets
Chapter 19: How to structure influencer marketing in your organization
Chapter 20: Making influencer marketing work for your company
Chapter 21: The future of Influencer Marketing

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