“A thought provoking book that challenges the way we think and who we target. A must for any skilled marketer wishing to beat his competitor.”

DR ANTHONY MARSELLA, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics and co-author Marketing Revolution

“Cutting Edge Marketing at its best. This is a must read for any Technology Marketer.”

JAMES HART, Marketing Director, EMEA, Research In Motion (Blackberry)

“If you think you know about marketing in the 21st century, press & analyst relations, the value of conferences, the buying cycle – think again. Influencer Marketing will make you question even your basic understanding of marketing, and who really wields power in the market place.”

JOE BARRETT, Director, Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm Europe

“Influencer Marketing brings together common sense with some insightful ideas in a book that provides marketers with useful tips for extending their own influence.”

RUTH MORTIMER, Editor, Brand Strategy

“An original and important work on how to identify and reach the all important ‘influencers’ in your market. Peppered with spot-on real-world examples, it clearly makes the case for the rise of ‘influencer marketing’ and why we should all be paying attention. In an era where most marketers are striving for new ways to break-through with their target audiences, (and they are striving to tune you out) this timely book offers fresh and original thinking.”

SETH NESBITT, VP of Marketing, Amdocs

“Any Marketer searching for new ways to have a significant impact on the business must read this provocative, yet very relevant and pragmatic book.”

ELIE KANAAN, VP Marketing, EMEA, Business Objects

“This book explains why today’s marketing model is a very different playing field. ROI is high on the agenda. The power of the network enables emphasis on 1:1 conversations and choice, dialogues and communities, which in turn leads to honesty and transparency in messaging.”

JON TUTCHER, Head of Marketing, Sun Microsystems UK & Ireland

“The Tipping Point told you “Why”, The Influentials told you “Who”, now Influencer Marketing tells you “How” to connect with the customers that count. Required reading for smart marketers.”

Dr PAUL MARSDEN, Founder clickadvisor.com and co-author, “Connected Marketing”

“It is rare to find a marketing book which is useful from page one. Most provide useful maxims to include in presentations, but few back this up with practical approaches to use in anger in the workplace. Influencer Marketing has been invaluable in focusing my organisation on the invisible influencer”.

ROBERT POSNER, European Marketing Director, Harte-Hanks

“Today’s market is truly ‘always on’. This is having a dramatic impact on the way that we market and sell to our existing customers and prospects. Influencer Marketing provides an excellent reference on how you can drive and achieve significant change in your traditional mindset to ensure that you can address the new and dynamic challenges that now appear every day.

Ask yourself, ‘Do I change or do more of the same? There is only one correct answer…’”

JIM CASSIDY, VP Marketing EMEA, BEA Systems

“A breath of fresh air. A book that both sales and marketing professionals should read. It highlights how sales and marketing should collaborate to identify and win the support of the key influencers.”

Director of International Marketing, Unisys

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