We’re delighted to have so many case studies in the book. They are testament to the practice of Influencer Marketing, and we can all learn from them.

Some of the case study participants were happy to be identified. Others perceive their competitive advantage to be such that they declined to be named. We understand. Thanks are due to all our case study subjects.

Case Study A – Nortel

A different kind of thinking

Case Study B – Wipro

Working the CXO ecosystem

Case Study C – a top 10 software vendor

Knocking on the CIO’s door

Case Study D – PalmSource

Tapping into the influence of enthusiasts

Case Study E – an innovative data management provider

Forging new routes to market

Case Study F – a tier 1 network equipment supplier

Reaching out to influencers

Case Study G – IBM Information Management

Finding a new route to market

Case Study H – a top three mobile handset manufacturer

De-risking a product launch

Case Study I – A mobile device management provider

ROI on influencer marketing in one week

Case Study J – Adobe

Low-cost vertical industry marketing

Case Study K – a top three global software vendor

Determining the influence of blogging

Case Study L – Yahoo!

For influencer marketing at Yahoo!, blogging matters

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