To identify your most important influencers you can't just trawl Twitter, nor subscribe to a blogger database. Your most important influencers will be a mix of offline, online and (occasionally) social influencers. They are not easy to find.

We showcase an award-winning proven methodology to identify and engage with them.
Influencer Marketing is the most important new approach to marketing in a decade for those professionals trying to influence decision-making.

It shows that key decision-makers in all major markets operate within communities of influencers. These ‘ecosystems’ are full of important individuals, whose impact on purchasing decisions is both pivotal and under-appreciated.
In 2008 Duncan Brown and Nick Hayes wrote the book that kickstarted the current marketing phenomenon for Influencer Marketing. At the time no-one talked about 'influencers'. Today it's hard to avoid mention of them.

Further Speaker Events

We’ve had a few additions to our ongoing book tour. These are new dates.

  • 19th Feb, 2.00pm : AMA, Portland Chapter, 191 Alexandria Ave.
  • 27th Feb, 7.30pm : AMA, San Francisco Chapter, SF MOMA
  • 14th Mar, 11.30am : IMC Conference, Sacramento CA, Palace Hotel

Sample Chapters for Free Download

We’ve been allowed to enable occasional chapters of the book available for free download.

The first is here. It’s our Introduction chapter.

New Radio Interview on KC-RVS

Nick recorded a new radio interview for KC-RVS last month to discuss the importance of influencers in business these days – including politicians and celebrities. The show will be broadcast in 2-3 weeks time.

Influencer Marketing Book Podcast (Part 1)

Here’s a podcast discussing a central theme of the book – Decision-Maker Ecosystems.

Influencer Marketing Book Podcast (Part 2)

Here’s the second podcast discussing a central theme of the book – Decision-Maker Ecosystems.

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